Paza Sauti (@paza_sauti) and Palm Wine Collective (@palmwinecollective) are calling for submissions from Kenya and Tanzania in two genres: poetry and visual art. The selected stories will be published in Paza Sauti’s premier anthology The Start of the World.

The anthology aims to provide a platform to emerging African artists to submit creative pieces that center the African narrative in its complexity, diversity and creativity. Women and LGBT+ / Queer creatives are strongly encouraged to apply.

Around the globe, there is a collective halt and call to physically/socially distance as a result of the spread of COVID19. Many countries recommended self-quarantine, staying home, and social distancing measures which in some cases led to instances of violently enforced lockdowns.

On the African continent, countries have attempted to institute a number of measures to make slowing the spread of COVID19 palatable in our context. After all, isolation from community connotes an element of privacy that is alien within the African context, yet is frighteningly familiar to those it is imposed upon for various expressions of their personhood. We are open to perspectives that are commentary pieces on the political, social, cultural, religious, sexual and other u-als.

Paza Sauti will offer a modest contribution to participants whose work is published.

For more information feel free to DM Paza Sauti (@paza_sauti).

Poems for the Start of the World Anthology

August 18 @ 23:55
11:55 pm — 11:55 pm (24h)

Kenya, Tanzania

Palm Wine Collective, Paza Sauti